Successful Communications

One of the important elements of a successful communication is that it engenders the intended response in the audience. For this blog, that audience is the people doing the climate science that are taking the time to share with us their experiences in their field. For the program, the audience is the public that through NOAA, has paid for that science. Our charge is to deliver the facts, or as John Kermond has stated it “What we know, what we don’t know and the significance of each”. In addition to this challenge, is finding the elements that will make this science interesting on a human scale, for many aspects of climate are overwhelming in scope and scale. Physically immense, and unfolding over time frames that are outside most people’s understanding, we seek to find the human elements that are within reach, to find the unique yet accessible aspects of the people and work that will compel a level of presence so that the facts are not only presented, but have impact.

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