New week, new age

Last week we wrapped the scheduled shooting, capturing the views and perspectives of Fortune 500 leaders, and innovative business approaches to the issue of climate change.
As the scientists indicated before them, the view is that we are in a new age, one where profit and sustainable aren’t just smart, or good citizenship, but required.
As we have clearly left the last natural geologic period for whatever we might call this carbon loaded and human influenced one, the society has also moved on. Whether is it the next industrial revolution, or merely the green age, there is no way that we are in the information age, nor even the internet age.
Here is what the incredibly pragmatic and visionary people we have interviewed tell us about this age-
It is collaborative. Whether in the sciences, or business, the leaders and winners are team players. The best people want to be part of efforts that represent all their aspirations and values, and are seeking out enterprises and organizations that give the largest purpose to their work. Every progressive company is finding that by making a real commitment to sustainable long term practices, they are attracting the best talent. They also report raised morale, and enthusiasm both internally and externally. When a utility like PG&E has its customers proud to be their customers, something radically different is happening.
It is integrated. Nothing you do is isolated. Every single action becomes either part of building a sustainable future or holds it back.
It is interdisciplinary. If you know about polar ice, your information is critically of interest to wildlife biologists. If you have a clue about a lower embedded energy building material or method, there are a lot of green builders that want to talk to you.
Put these together and what happens is that every action becomes part of not only living well, but making it possible for everyone else on the planet to live well. Your consumption doesn’t alienate you, but connects you, provided you apply yourself to being informed, and smart about which choices you make.

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