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Horses to horsepower to joules

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

The next industrial revolution is social. Imagine every consumptive socially alienating act of mundane daily life transformed into a connection to the rest of society. Imagine that your living well not only comforts and supports you and your family, but makes it possible for the other seven billion or so, and their heirs, to have that same possibility.
Have purpose and connection to the earth, the forces of nature and all living things, and live even more comfortably than you do now.
That is the promise of the sustainable industrial revolution, of living with intention.
Forget saving the planet. Save yourself and make civilization a term Gandhi would speak of in the present tense.

Requistion for a Public Dream

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Just back from a day in the SV, where they say that they are the best at everything they do. I can’t offer much argument. Most of what I experienced was what we typically think of as the American way- can do, best practice, dive in get it right, everything is possible.

Also got tons of feedback supporting the approach of engaging threats as opportunity and support for telling the climate change story with that perspective.

My AP puts it this way- there has been a request for a public dream and this company got the PO.

Back to work….